Kovács Nimród Winery

Festive music and wine: All that jazz!

Gyémánt László All that jazzMany of us wish to calm down, have a rest and forget about the year-long fatigue in the company of our beloved family now, that Christmas is approaching. Festive mood can be heightened by some calming music and a glass of premium wine, which pull us out of the everyday swirl. The unique lots originating from the excellent Monopole terroirs of the Kovács Nimród Winery of Eger refer in their name to all that can offer pleasure and creative entertainment at the same time: All that jazz.

The series named All that jazz salutes different worlds as Kovács Nimród sees it; he received the opportunities and first successes from the American continent, while his homeland has offered him the chance to show the world what the Eger wine region is capable of with the proper attitude and expertise. Art, or to be more exact, the paintings of László Gyémánt (his painting especially, titled as All that jazz inspired the wine family) and music lift the soul and make the soul forget about the everyday tasks; and a beautiful wine brings it even closer to the celebrated transcendence around Christmas time.

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