Kovács Nimród Winery

Present Privacy Statement reviews the nature of personal data collected by us and how we use, share and protect them.

What does present Privacy Statement pertain to?
Present Privacy Statement pertains to all the personal pieces of information which the Kovács Nimród Winery collects regarding its services. It pertains to the data not collected online, but through direct marketing campaigns, lottery games and competitions, and those data which we collect online, on the websites operated by and on behalf of the Kovács Nimród Winery.

Your consent
By using the homepage of the Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd., you give your consent to the Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd. that it may collect, use and share your personal data in accordance with present Privacy Statement. In case you disagree with the collection, usage or sharing of your personal data this way, we kindly ask you not to use the homepage or not to give us your personal details.

The Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd. only collects, uses or shares your persona data, if it is fair and legitimate. In most cases we explicitly ask you to give us your consent, but in certain cases we deduce your consent from your deeds and behavior. We may ask for your further consent in case we have to use your data for purposes that present Privacy Statement does not pertain to. You are not liable to consent, however, if you decide not to, your participation in certain activities may become restricted. If you give us your further consent, the conditions of this further consent will apply, in case they contradict the conditions of this previous Privacy Statement.

We kindly ask you to take into consideration the fact that we may process your personal data without your consent, if it is justified by legitimate reasons, provided that in the course of this usage it does not adversely affect your rights, freedom and interest.

What kind of personal data do we collect?
In the Privacy Statement your „personal data” mean information or a detail of information which makes your identification possible. Typically, we enumerate pieces of information here, such as your name, address, e-mail address and phone number; however, it can mean other kinds of information, such as information about your IP address, your purchasing patterns, lifestyle or hobbies and interests. We collect personal data about you from different sources, including:

Information which you give us directly:
We can collect information from you directly, when you give us your personal data, for instance when you register for a lottery game or a competition, subscribe to receive information, fill out our questionnaires, etc. Personal data collected directly from you include your:

  • name,
  • address,
  • e-mail address,
  • phone number,
  • age,
  • date of birth,
  • gender,
  • any other piece of information that you give us voluntarily.

Personal data collected automatically when you visit the homepage of the Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd.:
We (and the third-party service providers who act on our behalf) automatically use Cookies and other mechanisms (such as web analytics tools and pixel tags) in order to collect information about you, when you are using the homepage of the Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd., in accordance with the conditions of present Privacy Statement, and Data protection laws and regulations. The automatically collected personal data types can be as follows:

  • information about your browser preferences,
  • your IP address,
  • the hyperlinks you clicked,
  • your user name, your profile picture, your gender, your networks and any other kinds of information about which you decide to share on third party pages (for instance when you use the „like” button on Facebook or the +1 function on Google+);
  • (altogether called in the following as „Site usage information”)

Pursuant most internet browser default settings you accept cookies. You can change these settings and opt out of these cookies or receive warning before we set cookies on your computer. In case you use different browsers and different devices, you might need to change the settings in case of each device. However, we kindly ask you to take into consideration that blocking cookies this way may influence your user experience when visiting the Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd. homepage.

Personal data which we collect from other sources:
We may receive personal data about you from other legitimate sources, including commercial sources, such as public databases and data summaries, as well as data from a third party to whom you have given permission to share your data. The personal data types that we collect about you from other sources can be the following:

  • your name,
  • your address,
  • your age,
  • your shopping patterns,
  • data regarding your hobbies, lifestyle and interests,
  • publicly available information such as user-generated contents, blogs and comments, as laws allow.

How do we use your personal data?
We can use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • to advance our products and your experience on the homepage of the Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd.
  • to contact you in connection with certain products and services which might be interesting for you, in case you gave us your consent, or if you have previously made an order of our products or services and the communication concerns that earlier claim and it takes place within the timeframe regulated by law.

You may ask from us anytime not to send you information. All our direct marketing communication materials will contain this piece of information and the option to unsubscribe.

  • to provide you with products and services which you have asked from us.

Who do we share your personal data with?
The Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd. can share your personal data with its partner companies and trustworthy third parties, so that they processed the data for us.

In case we share your personal data with a trustworthy third party, we do everything to secure their keeping your data in safety, their doing every reasonable step to protect your data from abuse; to secure that they can only use your data in compliance with present Privacy Statement and pertinent data protection laws and regulations.

Furthermore, we can share your data, due to security reasons and due to having to comply with pertinent laws and regulations, to cooperate with a legitimate investigation and to comply with a legitimate government request.

Where do we store your data?
The host server of the Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd. can be found in Hungary. We process your data in accordance with the data protection laws in force.

Protection of my personal data
We perform every necessary action to keep your personal data secured and we expect the same from every third party who handles or processes your personal data. In order to prevent illegitimate access, change and abuse, the access to your personal data is restricted; and it is only allowed to those of our employees and agencies who absolutely need it.

Your data protection rights and contact details
In case you have further questions or concerns with regards to our handling of your personal data, you can contact us via any of the channels found under the Contact menu of our homepage.

You have the right to tell us:

  • not to contact you in the future,
  • to make a copy of the personal data we store about you,
  • to correct, update or delete your personal data from our records,
  • that there was a breach of your personal data.

Changes in our Privacy Statement
From time to time we make changes to this Privacy Statement, and we publish the updated version on the homepage of the Kovács Nimród Winery Ltd. We kindly ask you to visit this Statement often, in order to know exactly how we use your personal data at all times.