Kovács Nimród Winery
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Dixie 2016


We made battonage Chardonnay with classical burgundy technology. Its minerality is characterized by the riolite tufts of our ridges, its fresh elegance and its lively habits thanks to the cooler microclimate.

Pear and apple scent, a bit of butter, a mild smokiness and a long aftertaste reflect the unique qualities of the our Gran Cru terroirs near Noszvaj. The golden yellow Pinot Gris was soaked for a short period of time and aged in a steel tank for eight months. Flowers of elder, peach and tropical fruits hide in their scent and flavor. We recommend our exciting blended white wine for light meals and fruits.


66% Chardonnay
34% Pinot Gris
100% Monopole


The chardonnay wasaged in Hungarian and French oak barrrels for 6 months.
PinotGris: aged and fermented in steel tank

Harvest date: 9-10thseptember 2016.
Raw material:

healthyfruits, ripe, flavoured

Must degree: 19,9 % MM
Yield restriction: 50 q/ha
T A: 5,8 gr/l
Alcohol: 12.77 % V/V
Production: 2128 bottles
Sulphur: 32 mg/l free sulphur

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