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Monopole Soul Syrah 2015


Soul. This is name of our 100% syrah wine which is an exclusively sourced from the ripe fruit of the grapes from KNW’s Nagyfai and Nyilasmar Monopole Terroirs. The Nyilasmár vineyard has thin, stony, and tuff based soil, facing south, which gives the wine spice and body, while the Nagyfai vineyard contains rocky brown forest soil, which adds rich and complex flavors.

Music, travel and arrival of the soul. This is our Monopole Soul Syrah.


100% Syrah from Nagyfai and Nyilasmár vineyards


after delicate process minimal treatment of wine!
Hungarian and French barrique: 80%
casks: 20%
for 18 months

Harvest date: 24. September 2015.
Raw material:

excellent fruits, ripe,
flavoured, good vintage, high extract contant

Must degree: 21,4 MM
Yield restriction: 40 q/ha
T A: 5.4 gr/l
Alcohol: 13,88 % V/V
Production: 6800 bottles
Sulphur: 37 mg/l free sulphur

Syrah du Monde 2018 - bronze

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