Kovács Nimród Winery
Kép a palackról / Image of bottle:

Monopole Cool 2019


This elegant cuvée presents a harmonic balance of the individual grape varieties, very much like the smooth harmony of musical instruments in the Miles Davis’ Cool jazz music. Enjoy and Cheers!


49% pinot noir
47% syrah
4% merlot


We aged it for 15-22 months in 500 liters cascs, we used in 60% of hungarian, in 30% of french and in 10% of american barrels.

Harvest date: 10th September – 12th October, 2019
Raw material:

excellent fruits, ripe,
flavoured, good vintage, high inner contant

Yield restriction: 60-80 q/ha
T A: 5,1 g/l
Alcohol: 13 % V/V
Production: 3840 bottles

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