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Soul Syrah 2018


THE SOUL SYRAH OR THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL When desire becomes touchable, it is like arriving at an unknown place, where there is a bit of R&B, a bit of Gospel, a bit of passion and a bit KNW Monopole Syrah, thus a bit of SOUL awaits us.


100% Syrah from Nagyfai and Nyilasmár vineyards


Aged in 225 liters barrique barrels for 17 months. 22% of the barrels were new. We used in 44% of french, in 30% of hungarian, and in 26% of american barrels.

Harvest date: 21st and 22nd September 2018.
Raw material:

excellent fruits, ripe,
flavoured, good vintage

Yield restriction: 60 q/ha
T A: 6 gr/l
Alcohol: 14 % V/V
Production: 6700 bottles

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