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Monopole 777 Pinot Noir 2013


2013 wine vintage, the high-quality 777-based clone, which is a remarkable marriage of Nyilasmár and Nagyfai special quality terroir ripe fruits.Pinot Noir specific quality, wherein the late bud burst and the relatively early ripening, at the same time coupled with a higher level of sugar content and pyruvic acids. Its flavor and bouquet of ripe cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry, licorice dominate, sometimes in leather and tobacco slight breeze. Moderate tannins, big body. The long aging in oak barrels the wine is velvety and round off that preserves the properties of the bottle for many years.The Dijon clones 777 is a real character with big fruitiness


100% Pinot Noir: Nagyfai


after delicate process minimal treatment of wine!
Hungarian and French barrique: 100%

Harvest date: 7-11 September, 2013
Raw material:

excellent fruits, ripe, good vintage, nice acids

Must degree: 20,4 MM
Yield restriction: 40 q/ha
T A: 5 gr/l
Alcohol: 13,09 % V/V
Production: 3777 bottles
Sulphur: 47 mg/l free sulphur

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