Kovács Nimród Winery
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EGRI Bull’s Blood 2017


The Bikavér is the favoured blend of the Eger wine region. The wine exhibits rich fruit flavours and spices whit a nice bouquet. A great accompaniment of meat dishes or just to be enjoyed on its own.


Kékfrankos 53%
Cabernet Franc 22%
Merlot 20%
Syrah 5%


Aged in neutral barrels for 13 months.

Harvest date: 2017. oktober 1-11.
Raw material:

In this very good vintage we could buy excellent (fresh, fruity, high sugar content) grapes.

Yield restriction: 80 q/ha
T A: 5.8 gr/l
Alcohol: 13.33 % V/V
Production: 13733 bottles
Sulphur: 43 mg/l