Kovács Nimród Winery
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Monopole 777 Pinot Noir 2017


Our Pinot Noir of the high-quality 777-based clone, which is a remarkable marriage of Nyilasmár and Nagyfai special quality terroir ripe fruits.Pinot Noir specific quality, wherein the late bud burst and the relatively early ripening, at the same time coupled with a higher level of sugar content and pyruvic acids.
The Dijon clones 777 is a real character with big fruitiness


100% Pinot Noir: Nagyfai


We aged it in 84% hungarian, 12% french and 4% american oak barrels for 15 months, 38% were new barrels.

Harvest date: 18. September, 2017
Raw material:

excellent fruits, ripe, good vintage, nice acids

Must degree: 20,6 MM
Yield restriction: 55 q/ha
T A: 6.1 gr/l
Alcohol: 13,28 % V/V
Production: 6490 bottles

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