Kovács Nimród Winery

Festive music and wine: All that jazz!

Many of us wish to calm down, have a rest and forget about the year-long fatigue in the company of our beloved family now, that Christmas is approaching. Festive mood can be heightened by some calming music and a glass of premium wine, which pull us out of the everyday swirl. The unique lots originating […]

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Many people have raised the idea that good music can multiply the pleasures offered by good wine. Scientific researches have confirmed that the right music might develop newer and newer depths and palates of the wine that has just been tasted. This fact and the universal love for music, besides the painting by László Gyémánt […]

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Eger the Hungarian Burgundy

The native land of chardonnay and pinot noir The Eger wine region resembles Burgundy, which is considered to be the best one in the world in many respects: at both places you can make top quality red and white wines, as the climate conditions are very similar; and what is more, the most excellent French […]

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